About usCorporate Philosophy

1.Delivering our Client's “Dream” and “Passion”

We value the pride and affection our customers have towards their products (cargo).
By delivering their products, we hope to share the customer's dream and excitement and play a helping hand in achieving their goals.
Through our business, we hope to share the joy and passion of our customers.
Through our business, we hope to find a way of creating excitement for our customers.

2.Contributing to Society in the “Global Niche”

ECL aims to be a constant pioneer in the shipping industry, seeking a niche position in the market. Niche means non-mainstream. Not being mainstream means that there will be more difficulties ahead, but also more challenges and excitement.
We want to value this challenge and excitement that the niche market can bring us.
If the niche market grows to become a larger market, we will continue to hold the same vision and exert the same passion towards our business to develop a second and third niche.

We will begin our search for a niche market starting within Asia. We will then continue to expand into other global markets.
ECL started its business in developing countries within Asia. ECL has contributed to the development of these countries by delivering state of the art products from Japan and the necessary supporting technology.
ECL will continue to expand strategically and commit to the development of local communities worldwide.

3.Becoming the “Artisan of the Sea”

It is ECL's goal to become the “Artisan of the Sea”. By providing the best in cargo shipping technology we seek to establish a unique position within the shipping industry. (An artisan captures the client's heart and acts to realize those aspirations. Only by working closely with our clients and motivating one another, can the “World of Artisan” be achieved).
ECL, not being part of the wave of low-cost industries, will not forget the importance of directly delivering the shipment by hand and pursuing our own “World of Artisan”. We take great care of the goods we receive from our clients, and we ensure efficient and safe delivery.

4.With people, we are always “Developing”

At ECL, we want to bring together employees with qualities such as the following.
With such employees, we aim to create a business group that is “Forever developing”.

  • All employees should share the same direction and goal, striving to do their best, showing respect for each other and develop friendly competition.
  • An employee is like a gear in a motor, each person should be self-motivated and willing to think that he/she can make a difference to the entire team.
  • Each employee should aim to grow as a person and achieve their own career goals.
  • ECL will become a place where employees can train and achieve self-realization. The company will work together with our employees to grow.
  • We wish to be a company that works together with its employees to share and realize every dream.