Privacy Policy

Recognizing the importance of the protection of personal information, you should comply with the Code of Conduct and other laws and regulations for the protection of personal information, Eastern Car Liner Ltd. will strive to protect personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Acquisition of personal information

When the Company to acquire the personal information, and to clarify the purpose, we will collect personal information by fair means and proper.

Use of personal information

Within the scope of the purpose of use as shown at the time of acquisition, the personal information, we will use as long as you need execution of business.

The provision of personal information to third parties

“When there is a provision in the laws and regulations”, “when there is consent”, “if it is necessary to cooperate with respect to it, such as local governments or institutions in the country to carry out the affairs prescribed by law”, our “ personal with the exception of life, and if ”it is necessary for the protection of health or property, it does not provide personal information to third parties.

Personal Information Management

We will endeavor that take safety measures for personal information collected, as well as maintain the accuracy of personal information, and to prevent leakage of personal information, loss, alteration, unauthorized access.

Disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use remove personal information

The Company, for the personal information of self, if it was offered to such disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use erase in person, we will respond in accordance with laws and regulations.