Social Responsibility/Environmental PolicyComplying with Laws and Regulations

Compliance Promotion System

We established a Compliance Committee president chaired in our company, and we discuss response measures against the policy and compliance violations to ensure the company's compliance. In addition, it will appoint the department responsible for compliance, we are strengthening the compliance system of the entire organization. In addition, the Company provided an internal reporting system, by finding an act suspected of compliance violations at an early stage, we are working to rapid correction of compliance violations.

When there is a violation countermeasures

If there is a compliance violation, it will be referred to the Compliance Committee, which is chaired by the president. Committee conducted a survey in accordance with the "Compliance Policy" which was defined due process, to the issue of the parties, and out to improve and injunction chairman name and, if necessary, make a public report, employment We propose the disposal in conformity with the rules. For the party, it does not disclose the things that lead to a specific person, such as name, affiliation, we guarantee that you do not want to adverse treatment. The committee owes in accordance with the "Compliance Regulations", the strict confidentiality about the name and the deliberations of the caller.

Internal reporting system

The Company has introduced an internal reporting system. As the report destination, other compliance department responsible, and has provided a window is to appoint an auditor, those who work in our company, everyone regardless of employment and job title will be able to use this system.

Rules of Conduct

Company and its officers and employees are matters to be complied with as a basic below.

1.compliance with laws and regulations
  • Acts that violate the antitrust laws is not performed.
  • Public and private a firm distinction, also, conflict of interest act is not performed.
2.appropriate management of information
  • To perform appropriate management of and information
  • To perform appropriate management of, company customers and was obtained in the course of confidential information and business of trading partners such as third party information
  • Insider trading is not performed.
3.customers, suppliers and other efforts to relations with society
  • Do not place the appropriate action to bribery.
  • Do not place the payoffs to antisocial forces.
  • We will endeavor to protect the environment.
4.respect for human rights, discrimination, sexual harassment, efforts to power harassment, etc.
  • human rights respected, discrimination, sexual harassment, is not carried out power harassment.
  • labor relations and compliance with laws and regulations, and strive to workplace health and safety hold.
5.accounting processing and tax reporting
  • To perform the appropriate accounting treatment and tax declaration.
6.If you have found an act such as suspected violations correspondence
  • Without delay, we will report to the Compliance Committee.

The Secretariat, in order to such employees to continue to understand the compliance correctly practice, to create a manual or the like, if necessary, revised in a timely manner, to disseminate to employees.