Breakbulk, Multi-purpose VesselSteel Products Transport

This is a department specializing in Steel Products such as plate, bar, wire rod, pipe, and angle/beam/rail; these products are used for manufacturing electrical appliances or vehicles, and building ships or houses.

We operate general cargo vessels, sized from 10,000DWT to 50,000DWT, and mainly transport cargoes to Straits, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bengal, India, Pakistan and Australian range.
We have recently operated 58,000DWT vessel to Pakistan as well.

Also, to meet various needs of customers, we arrange cross transportations and inland transportations with our domestic and global network.
Especially in major destinations like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, Japanese staffs are always stationed so that we can completely control cargo handling quality to provide securer and safer services for customers.

We continuously make a sincere effort to supply secure and safe transport services with the slogan, “Greater Satisfaction of Customers.”