Social Responsibility/Environmental PolicyPolicy on safe operation of the ship

Safety Operation

“Safety Operation” is one of the basic policy for the shipping company and it could not be considered good service to the customers without “Safety Operation”

ECL always provide to the customers utmost our cooperation for the safety cargo transportation, such as to make stowage plan, attending our superintendent both loading and discharging ports, assist safety navigation cooperate with WNI etc.

We have own a management company within our group to maintain our fleet in good condition and also we supervise several matters to our chartered fleet in order to maintain safety operation if necessary.


One of the company policy of ECL,

We promote any action by social requirement as “ECL CSR action” in accordance with the time of day, such as Safety, environment etc.

We provided following vision for environment

  1. We identify environmental impacts of our business activities and set environmental objectives and targets. We seek to protect all aspects of the marine and global environment through PDCA cycle of the environmental management system.
  2. We put the utmost importance to safe operation of vessels and make our maximum efforts to prevent marine pollution caused by accidents.
  3. We comply with all environmental regulations.
  4. We endeavor to save energy, use resources efficiently, encourage material recycling and reduce waste.
  5. We endeavor to raise environmental awareness among our employees and make them understand our Environmental Policy through environmental education and public relations activities.
  6. We publish our Environmental Policy and disclose our environmental information to the public.